In December 2015 the following scholarships, each worth £2000, were awarded to:

Phoebe Hamilton Jones 18 South Hampstead High School
La Famiglia Italiana-Does the reality match the myth?
Hannah Davis 20 King's College Cambridge Are women neglected by anti-austerity movements in Spain?
Jakov Fabinger
19 Kings College London A journey through the subtle culture of the Yugoslavian states
Matt Broomfield 21 London City University
European Battle Rap: innovation at the margins of culture
Maria Busca 21 London School of Economics and Political Science Exploring attitudes to monetary experimentation in Greece using the historical lessons of the WIR currency
Kirsten Marie Hald 23 Teach First
Education Matters: A study into the educational experiences of refugee and asylum seeker minors in the United Kingdom and Germany
Alexander Mitchell Harris 23 Teach First The Iron Way: the hidden legacy of the First World War in Europe
Simeon Shtebunaev 23 Sheffield University Smart Future: Exploring Citizen participation and perceptions towards Smart City initiatives in Spain
Katie Howard 24 Kellogg College Oxford Island Identity: A comparative study of perceptions towards the mainland among young Corsicans and Sardinians